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Divorce Rituals

As our culture evolves and our life spans grow longer, some life transitions appear for which there are as yet no effective rites of passage. Divorce is one of these.

Reframing divorce as a life transition and using ritual to facilitate the divorce process can heal hearts and transform lives.

Even if your ex won’t participate, you can do a ritual by yourself and experience powerful healing effects.

Children often suffer most from a divorce. A parting ceremony can be healing in a number of ways for them. It can demonstrate that, even though divorcing, their parents are able to work cooperatively, even lovingly, to create an ending to their relationship. The ceremony itself can include statements of continued love and commitment from parents to children. All this can be very reassuring to children who fear that they’re losing a parent and a family.

By shifting the focus from adversarial legalities to issues of emotion and spirit, a divorce ceremony can help a couple remember and celebrate what was good and beautiful in their relationship and grieve what they must now let go.

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